While I was a studying for my final year in the University, I got the chance to attend DeccanRubyConf 2015 as a speaker. My talk was “Concurrency & Parallelism in Ruby”. Because it’s a Ruby conference, I thought of talking more about Celluloid because all the participants were from Ruby background.

So that was my first visit to India for 3 days. Early in the morning prior to the conference day, I landed on Mumbai airport & had some terrible experience with traveling to Pune by train. Finally I decided to go to Pune by bus. By evening I was able to reach Pune. So next day early in the morning I went to the conference & it was really well organized.

Here is my talk slides Concurrency & Parallelism in Ruby. There were really good talks in the conference & in the evening Beer Party was my favourite. I met several friends of mine who were only contacted me via Github or mail. I had a nice time there & as I saw they are planning DeccanRubyConf 2016 as well.

Cheers, BC_Dilum