If you want to contribute to Celluloid, you are warmly welcome. For beginners here are the steps you should follow to setup your development environment.

1 - First of all git clone your Forked Celluloid source or clone directly from the main repository.

2 - Then create a new file named Gemfile wherever you want.

3 - Include this inside your Gemfile

source 'https://rubygems.org'

gem 'celluloid', :path => '~/Documents/celluloid'
  • The path here is your cloned source path.

4 - You are ready to test Celluloid source with the changes you are doing, without push it to Github.

bundle install

Run bundle install before running any Ruby classes you want to test.

After that create a Ruby class as you want & bundle exec ruby example.rb (here example.rb is your sample Ruby code).

It’ll execute that Ruby class with including Celluloid from the local path. Then you can do any changes to the local Celluloid source & test them.

Cheers, DilumN